Hi All,

I am trying to get some information about the H2 Firefighter Academy in January. I am hoping to get in touch with some recruits from recent academies or anyone who might have infor pertinent to the SFFD.

I will be grateful for any and all information. Can you guys help me with some of the following questions?
(I did a station visit but I only saw the firefighters briefly before they got a call)

1. What is the PT (physical training) like?
a. Is it more running or Crossfit or FF agility type of PT?
b. If running- how many miles on average?

2. Where is most of the academy held Treasure Island or Folsom+17th Facility?

3. How tough is the testing and skillls? And how bad is their attrition/dropout rate? What do most people struggle with?

4. What is the daily schedule like? And how many weeks is the academy?

5. What training modules are taught in the academy (SCBA, ladders, hose, RIC, Auto Ex, HazMat, etc.)?

6. I know they have wood ladders. What types and size wood ladders do they have and how stringent are you tested?

7. How fast does the academy move? Meaning do you get a good amount of practice time with skills before you are tested or no?

8. Is the academy more like a basic firefighter academy for guys with limited experience/no experience or more of a lateral academy where everyone has basically already been a full-time firefighter?

9. Lastly I was moving from Southern California and contemplating living in Walnut Creek. How long does it take in traffic to get from Walnut Creek to San Francisco via the Freeway. Is there a better alternative to moving to Walnut Creek? I am trying to find a safe, pleasant area for my wife and I.

Anyhow, I know these are alot of questions and some might even be silly.. however, thank you for any and all the help you can provide.