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    Default Perfect Christmas Present

    We all know about and dispise the boastful and sometimes obscene firefighter t-shirts that blowhards and yardbreathers always wear. My little girl got me a great Christmas present to counteract at least one of those shirts. It's an "Emergency!" t-shirt that doesn't boast of any superhuman qualities, sexual prowess, or boast of our profession. That show was what inspired me to be a firefighter and I still watch old episodes every now and then today. She found the shirt on Amazon and bought it with a gift card she received from a school friend a few days earlier. My wife didn't even know about it. She's a little sweetheart. I think I'll keep her.....and the shirt.

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    A fire service shirt involving no wiener-swinging? Wow! The kid DOES have some smarts!
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    Quote Originally Posted by EastKyFF View Post
    A fire service shirt involving no wiener-swinging? Wow! The kid DOES have some smarts!
    yea smart kid i hate those shirts that just boast you know

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