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    Default Don't kill me.... Leather questions

    I know this has topic has been beat to death but I couldn't find anything on the Lion/ Black helmet 9/11 Traditional leather helmet.....

    I am looking into buying a leather helmet.... I've only ever wore a composit helmet and want a leather.... I really like the looks of the Lion/ Black Helmet Supply or apparel w/e its called 9/11 traditional leather helmet.... it is comfortable? is it durable? or should I buy a cairns? a phenoix? a Paul Conway?

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    The Lion/Black helmet lid is made by Paul Conway, it is leather formed oveer a composite shell.

    The Cairns/MSA N5A and N6A are all leather, as is the Phenix TL2.

    There are personnel on my FD who have purchased their own Conways, Phenix and Cairns lids (Present Department issue is the Cairns 1044, in the past we have been issued Cairns 1010's , "tactical tupperware" aka the Cairns 660 Metro and even a few Bullard Traditionals.

    Your best bet would be to go to one of the fire expositions in your area and try each one on and see what you like.

    FYI, I have a Cairns N5A.
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    What the Chief said! Between Conway, Phenix, and Cairns leathers, Conway is the heaviest and Phenix is the lightest. Cairns has the biggest following, but Phenix is in my opinion a better lid overall. Give em all a try.

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    I wore a Cairns 1010 for the first 4 years of my career but switched to a Cairns N5A New Yorker. Ive had it now for 8 years and will continue wearing it till I retire. Its been in a ton of fire and has taken quite a bit of hits for me. I love my leather and wouldn't wear anything else ever again.

    I did however see another traditional helmet that recently came out that I may entertain the idea of getting only because Im such a fan of the traditional helmet. Its the Phenix TL-2 Miller

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