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Thread: aerial ladders

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    It doesn't so much restrict anyone from doing that, as much as it just leaves it useless or impractical. If I'm not gonna have the time to sit down, then why even have a seat in the first place? Its not a matter of what the seat will or will not allow you to do, its a matter of even needed it in the first place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by markyc View Post
    It seems some people are not too keen on positive change, the best 2 aerial ladder manufrs both have seats. What i meant to explain is your seated you can still have a good view, it wasn t meant as criticism of US Aerials, Metz is slowly gaining sales in N America.
    We are not operating cranes or shovels, with drag lines, which have seats for their operators. We are in fact operating fire apparatus aerial equipment, which is a tool that needs not to be taken lightly. A good aerial operator needs to be able to watch what they are doing and moved freely about on the turn table. Having been a firefighter as well as an officer in a truck company, I never had a chance or need to sit. I had always kept busy watching the aerial, the tip, the fly pipe, the members on the aerial, the building, overhead wires and any thing else that was near my truck and aerial. If I did want to rest a bit, I usually had the chance to learn up against the cab of the truck while on the turntable.

    The USA is very advanced in firefighting. Some thing you guys overseas will never be seen in the USA departments.

    I did by the way try out a truck with a seat by the aerial at a display, but to told the salesman, that I prefer to stand and know what I was doing and not to sit.
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