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    Default Rash and swelling after using Facepiece

    How's it going guys/gals? I have a slight issue and I need some advice. Lately after using my facepiece I have been getting a slight rash and swelling around the outline of my facepiece. I have used my facepiece a few times and never had this issue. I'm wondering if its the bleach I use to clean it or if I'm just tightening the straps too much or dry skin which occurs from time to time with the amount of times I wash my face and hands in one day. I can definitely rule out that it doesn't happen with the type of job we get. Anyone with this problem? Thanks for any advice or comment. Have a safe tour.
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    My bet is the cleaning solution is too strong. If I remember right it is only supposed to be like 1 or 2 tablespoons of bleach in a gallon of water.

    I know I may get some grief for this but if dry skin is a problem try some lotion to sooth that because the bleach is going to make that worse.
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    Do you use the same mask every time ??

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