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    Default Mounting Magnets on POV

    I have a 18" Saber TIR mini light bar and it has (4) 40 lb mounting magnets on it and i was wondering if it would hold on my car at speeds of like 65 70 mph? I just dont want the thing to fall off! and also the cord is about a foot or so too short.. does anyone know how to wire it to a switch box? here is the link to it for more info to help! Thanks!!!


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    duct tape -----------------------

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    Read the instructions

    *Magnet mounting is not recommended for use on vehicles in motion! Please permanent mount for vehicles in motion

    Radio shack and the like have 12 volt lighter extension cords

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    I have had magnet mount lights on my truck before and I never had a problem with them. I traveled at speeds at least as much as you are talking about and they never moved. As far as wiring them to a switch, if the wire is currently going to a cigarette plug, you just need to determine which is hot and which is ground and wire those to your switch and it will work. If you are not sure, just strip the wires and touch them to your battery. When you have the right wire on the right terminal, the light will come on.

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