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    Question on box lights. Can anyone here that uses a box light give me some reasons on why they like them or what the benefit would be to using them over a traditional stream light on a coat? Just wondering before making any more purchases. Thanks.

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    The biggest benefit is being able to set it on the ground or a piece of furniture to light up an area you are working in. With the improvements in the smaller lights like Streamlight xl90's I see little benefit in carrying one for normal fire attack or search use.
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    I agree. If your going to be working in one place for a while they are great to set down and light up an area. Thats about it. I have an angle light on my bunker coat and a pelican super sabre in my pocket. Box lights have gotten a lot lighter but they are still cumbersome to carry and just another thing to get hung up. We mostly use ours on night time MVC's doing extrication. We use scene lighting, but use the box lights inside to get light exactly where we need it.

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    we sometimes use them at the door pointing up when searching a room - exit light and secondary door scotch.

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    Yes, lighting up a room or dropping it at the door during a search is always handy. Otherwise, the SL90's do the work the lightbox used to for less than half the weight.
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