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    Default Keeping It In The Family

    When I was a little boy I remember my dad coming home from a 24 hour shift and how excited I was to hear how his shift went. He would tell me about fires he went on, cars he got to cut up, and the lives he was able to save. I remember being so proud to tell people that my dad was a fireman. Growing up I spent more time at a firehouse on holidays than I did at my own house and LOVED it. When tones went out I would run to the bay door opener and open and shut the doors for the trucks. That was my job.

    My dad is my best friend friend and i'm lucky to have had such a great role model growing up. It makes me proud to have followed in the footsteps of such a great man and to see how proud he is of me.

    My great-great grandfather was the first to enter the fire service in Chicago as a firefighter. His son, my great grandfather and his son as well all worked as firefighters. My dad moved to Florida and became a firefighter in 1978 and retired just 3 years ago. I was hired by my department 12 years ago making me the 5th generation.

    Everyday Im at the firehouse I think of my dad and how lucky I am. I get to share stories with my dad and get advice and input on issues. I love showing him my helmet cam footage of fires and being able to connect with him that way, plus its great to see the jealousy all over his face LOL.

    Im proud to have this tradition in my family and hope maybe my son (who can be whatever makes him happy) will one day become a fireman. All firefighters do this job for their own special reasons, some just are lucky enough to be born into it. I really would like to hear your stories as well. If your carrying on the legacy please share your story!

    Heres a few pics...

    My Great-Great Grandfather. He's the one in the front to the left with hand on wheel.

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    Here is a pic of me and my dad. I was 3 months LOL.

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    Heres a pic of me now with my nephew and my son. My son is on the far right! See his enthusiasm. I love it!

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    My family has a three-generation history with the fire service, just not all on the same side.

    On my dad's side my grandfather was a fireman but my dad was a cop and it was my sister who followed in his footsteps.

    On my mum's side my grandfather was a soldier and it was his example that I followed, for a while at least. My mum works for the fire service, organising building inspections and such. She's based in the same fire station as me and always runs down the corridor to open the bay doors for us when we get a shout.

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    Very cool thanks!

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