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    Hey Guys,
    Ive heard about a way to take an entire month off each year without using any leave at all. Maybe you guys have heard of it and do it, but i was wondering if anyone has a good system to catalog the logistics of it.

    Basically how it works is you have to be on a 24/48 schedule and what you do is get 12 guys to all be involved. Each guy gets to pick or by lottery 1 month off each year. During that month the other 11 guys pick up one extra shift a month and that way the guy whose off is covered. When he comes back and the next month starts, everyone again picks up one extra shift a month to cover for him and so on and so fourth. We are going to do it 11 months, so we dont have guys fight over having December off, but just curious if anyone uses this system and has a good way to manage the calender aspect of it.


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    That would depend on how many trades your contract allows you to have.

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    Heck with vacations and trades I usually got almost 3 months off. Yeah, I had to pay back the trades but I don't deer hunt so that worked well for me.
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