Fire Fighter Exchange to Gold Coast AUSTRALIA.
Fire Fighter Exchange to Gold Coast AUSTRALIA.
ATTENTION..... Fire fighters..... Canada B.C prefered. But all considered.

Can I interest any one into a 6 or 12 month Fire Fighter Exchange.

We would swap houses and jobs,
but bring our own wife's and familys with us.

I work in the city of the Gold Coast, in Queensland AUSTRALIA.

I am a professional Snr F/ F. (17yrs).

Population of around 650000.

Look it up on the internet.

Beautiful beaches, surfing and hinterland.

My/our house is less than 6 miles from the head quarters, the best beaches in Australia and Surfers Paradise Fire Stn 32.

The Queensland Fire and rescue is part of the international Fire fighter exchange program.

A very cool opportunity to live and work abroad. Great for career and family.

Please contact me if any interest or questions.

Please ask around.

Contact Myself on

Regards Sean Gribble