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    Default Waterous pump,Class 1 governor, and Allison Transmission - Lock up

    Anyone ever dealt with the pump shift not disengaging? I'll explain. Following normal pump engaging sequences the pump will shift and function properly. When done pumping, "idle button" depressed on the class 1 governor, then place transmission in neutral, notice flashing "N". If I were to shift from pump to road, the result would be stalling the motor due to the shift transfer not taking place. The correction is to shut the motor down which stops the pump pto rotation thus allowing a pump shift to take place, the n restarting the motor to function in drive.

    The transfer case has recently been rebuilt by the factory? The problem still exists!

    Any thoughts?

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    You can call Waterous Customer Service at 651 450-5200. The apparatus should only be stalling if the pump transmission is going back into road position and the apparatus transmission is in high range lock up (4th gear). So maybe your problem is that the pump is shifting but the transmission is not going back to N? Does the drive shaft stop spinning when the apparatus transmission is put in N?

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    I've dealt with this problem before. It's not related to the Class 1 governor. We have FRC and have had the same issue. There's a switch on the shift mechanism on the bottom of the pump. It's purpose is to tell the transmission whether to be in lockup mode or not. I have had them become shorted closed, probably due to water. Replace that switch and the issue should be resolved. I'm sure Waterous stocks them, and they're not terribly expensive. If the pump's still under warranty...? I'd have to look in my repair records to see what the time involved is, but it's not long, probably less than 1/2 hour. No special tools are needed. Gregg, how about a waterproof switch?
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