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    Question On-line training

    I would like to know what other departments are using for on-line training. I have looked at some commercial sites, but most are very expensive. I am looking for a low-cost commercial option, and I have even considered trying to create one "in-house." Any suggestions??

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    What kind of training

    Suggest in house to meet your depts needs

    Ask neighboring depts to come in and give training

    NFA does traveling shows and will come to your town/area, plus they have free online courses

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    We aren't a real tech-savvy department - too many dinosaurs, not enough kids.

    So we go for the old-fashioned kind. Coming up shortly on our annual "OSHA Training Day" - which takes care of the annual OSHA 8 hour requirement. Despite the old wisdom that "there are no experts within 100 miles of your firehouse," we're using local "talent" to cover the various topics. The presentations run according to the guidelines, from 30 minutes to and hour and 15. Speakers are welcome to approach each topic as they see fit.

    Makes for an interesting day. Occasionally two or more presenters cover some of the same material, but that's the chance you take. Eighty people showed up last year, from a dozen different fire departments in the area. Sixty have signed up so far this year.
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    Most of our online training (about 65 hours per year) consists of all the OSHA/Blood Borne/Haz Mat/various harrassment courses/Alcohol/drug abuse, etc are all done through a safety training service to which we pay a fee every year.

    The nice thing about it is that you can do it all on line from the comfort of your home and when you successfully complete the course, they send off an email to your chief and you can print out a certificate of training for your records.
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