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    Default NFPA 1670 (2014 Edition) and Technical Animal Rescue

    So the newest edition of the NFPA 1670 (Standard on Operations and Training for Technical Search and Rescue Incidents) now includes Technical Animal Rescue (Chapter 17 and Annex K). I was just curious as to who has already taken some kind of Animal Tech Rescue class or even knew this was actually a thing? If you did already take classes, what did you take and from who? Does your department of county have any training in this? Do you have any recurses in your area that you contact for assistance in this? Would you be interested in taking any kinda classes for this? This is something more and more departments are being called out for and without the proper training it is extremely dangerous for not only the animal victims but also the first responders.

    I myself am involved with a group who does Technical Large Animal Rescue and Emergency Transport. I have certification in from TLAER (Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue http://www.tlaer.org/) at the Awareness level. We have a horse trailer equipped with tools and specialized equipment for safely rescuing a trapped/stuck equine (or other large animal) and transport it to the vet if needed. We also offer a basic horse handling skills class for first responders and what to do until until a vet of trained personnel arrive.

    So if anyone has any comments, questions, etc lets hear em. I'd really like to see if there are others here who have any kind of Technical Animal Rescue experience/training.

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    My department covers a rural area, and we saw the importance in such type training. We sent several members through TLAERs program as well, and found this training very beneficial. We do not advertise that we perform these type rescues, but we have placed a few pieces of homemade equipment in service. Since this training, we have been summonsed to three "successful" incidents. I'd definitely recommend TLAERs programs to any responder in any department, rural or urban.

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    What kind of homemade tools do you have and do you think you could post pictures?

    Also why do you not advertise these skills? I understand wanting to be availible for "actual" incidents, but just wanted to know if there were other reasons.

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