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    My recruit class is ending soon and I am looking for ways to continue my training on my own at home. Mainly I am looking for good books or websites I can use to extend my personal knowledge of firefighting.

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    Honestly, I think one of the best things you can do is to keep your head in the videos rather than the books. Don't get me wrong, books are great, but with the advancement in technology, videos make learning and retention super easy.

    Try some of these websites:

    These websites should be a good starting point for engine and truck tactics and everything in between

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    This is free and gives you info on fire dynamics , which helps you understand how fire grows and reacts , so it helps in firefighting

    Also on the investigation side it helps you call a fire and not Destroy a scene before it can be investigated

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    Mittendorf's Truck Company Operations, if you like truck work.

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    You're at the perfect time in your career to read 25 To Survive, penned by members of Fairfax Fire & Rescue and the FDNY. It was just released last year, and is very timely and appropriate to today's fire service.
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