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Thread: A Tip of the Lid to an Unknown Brother

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    Default A Tip of the Lid to an Unknown Brother

    One of my Atlanta, GA based customers put this on her facebook page today.

    I have sat in traffic beside a three car pile up for the past 20 minutes watching first responders work the scene. The middle car is a little old lady who was crying. It is freezing outside, with a -2 wind chill, and I just watched this fireman take off his coat and cover her with it, squeeze her hand, and then continue working coatless. It was the nicest thing I've ever seen someone do in real life and it clenched an intense respect and awe in my heart for all people who live their lives to help others during the sad and scary moments.

    Somewhere in Atlanta, a Brother deserves a pat on the back.
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    That's awesome.

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    Let's talk fire trucks!
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    Awesome, great work bro.
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    Thats what its about.

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    That was me. Thank you, thank you. Proud to represent for the Atlanta FD.

    Wait a minute, I live in Kentucky. I haven't been to Atlanta in years. So it probably wasn't me. But if anybody down there wants to get me some barbecue from Sprayberry's, by all means, do so.
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