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Thread: 10 ways to prevent cancer. Help make a list

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    Quote Originally Posted by MemphisE34a View Post
    How old are you? How long have you been on your department? What is your rank?
    I think the intent here might have been to warn you about some backlash from the more senior members at the department. Sometimes these "new" or "safety" precautions can be met with some ridicule because the new generation "doesn't get it" or are "soft", at least thats what I think he might be eluding to, just a guess though.

    Just because the guys may ridicule the information doesn't mean its bad info and not worth posting, i say go for it!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mowgli25 View Post
    I'm making a flyer to post around the station since I have noticed many thing that we can do to help prevent cancer. Some are so simple but many do not even try to do them. Please give me you options on simple things we can do to help our brothers and sisters out.

    My list so far.

    1 wash gear after all fires. Including your helmet!
    2. Shower after fires. Cold water first to rinse yourself off. Not hot first since it will open your pores up.
    3. Keep idling to a minimum in the bays. If you are idling in the bays have both bay doors open all the way. If prolonged idling move out of bays.
    4. Use SCBA during overhaul. Use air monitoring to know when it's safe to remove SCBA
    +1 on washing all gear. Circul-Air offers a great washer and dryer; www.firehousegoods.com


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