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    Interesting. What other information do you have? Says you start in November, are these seasonal positions, how long do you work? What time of engines do they run?

    Are they all risk or straight fire ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by StrengthBuilder View Post
    Interesting. What other information do you have? Says you start in November, are these seasonal positions, how long do you work? What time of engines do they run?

    Are they all risk or straight fire ?
    Sorry have no other info
    Just saw the ad

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    Texas Forest Service primarily runs Type 3 and Type 6 engines.

    Traditionally the Southern states have almost a reverse season, with a lot of RX burning in the winter and wildfire occurring in the fall / spring. Summers tend to be humid which keeps the fires down (except in the years they aren't and everyone gets to go play in Texas). I've known a couple people who have worked seasonally in the northern states, then picked up another seasonal job in the south. Texas being so large is actually a South West, Mid West and Southern state depending on where you go. West Texas has more in common with Arizona, than it does with East Texas climate wise.

    Texas relies heavily on the local fire departments for wildland fire protection, but has been building up the capability of the TFS after really bad fire seasons (as they have had several times 1997-2000 and 2005-2011).

    Like the tourism commercials say, Texas is like a whole 'nother country. Fighting wildland fire in Texas is quite different than California.

    Most state forestry firefighting jobs are heavily modeled on the USFS, many even basing their seasonal salaries on GS 3 and 4 pay. Calfire is an exception, although it began in the image of the USFS it has developed into something kind of unique with its wildland / rural (and in some cases not so rural)structure fire thing.
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    Exactly, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection started as a wildland agency. Throughout the years, they started to acquire areas that became city ordiances and became an all risk department. In 2005, CDF changed the name to CAL FIRE. The past several years, CAL FIRE as came in and acquired more city departments ( Santa Cruz, southern california cities) and become more of year round all risk- "Schedule A" stations. Schedule B stations are the seasonal stations that are called brush bunnies. They are all type 3 engines and they are still all risk, but are more prone to vegetation fires and medical aids. Eventually CAL FIRE will supposedly get rid of the seasonal position and have year round firefighters. Right now there are firefighter 1s( seasonal) and Firefighter 2s ( year round permanent staff). They want to just have a Firefighter position and make them all year round permanent staff. So we shall see if that ever happens but its supposedly in discussion talks right now.

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