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Thread: What Would You Like To See In An ARFF Vehicle

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    Default What Would You Like To See In An ARFF Vehicle

    I'm conducting a study of what current users of ARFF apparatus both large and small airports would like to see as to improvements and features such as:


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    Not sure if you are referring to FAA funded purchases or outright purchases but here are a few thoughts that occurred after we started working on a new ARFF apparatus.

    There needs to be flood or scene lights around the entire vehicle to fully illuminate around it at night. Anyone that has driven an apparatus on the airport at night will tell you it is impossible to see what you are going to run over if you turn right or left. Doesn't have to be anything fancy but this would really enhance safety when operating at night.

    One of the things we do on our departments apparatus is have the builder mount Unistrut/C Channel to the back of compartment walls as well as on the side walls. If the compartment is wider than tall the struts run horizontal. If it is taller than wide the struts would run vertical. This stuff is about $3/foot and greatly simplifies mounting equipment on the apparatus without the need to drill holes in the apparatus. We also mount metal (could be wood) panels to the struts and then mount all our equipment to the panels.

    The builder either needs to (1) provide a centralized wiring location for the user to use when wiring up equipment such as flashlights or (2) provide wiring to a couple locations (cab and front two compartment) that terminates with a 12" pigtail for that purpose.

    I could probably go on but these are a couple of the big ones. After we met with the engineers to work on the spec we came up with a list of stuff we would like to see and justifications for the items. We'll see what happens but worst case scenario is we work with the builder to add them at our expense.

    Hope this helps,
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