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    Default Grant for report writing software

    Has anyone ever got an award for report writing software? Our fire department is comprised of 4 stations and I was considering writing a micro grant for it. It would also enable us to fully report to NIFERS.

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    Since reporting on NFIRS is a requirement of any Federal Fire Act Grant award, then the software to track those statistical items needed and to generate that report are considered to be eligible items. Software that performs multiple functions, such as also allowing you to track hydrant locations and do fire pre-planning and fire code inspections could be justified in an AFG or an FP&S grant depending upon how it was written up.
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    Thanks for sharing the FMglobal information. Not sure how often and how much they award but I think it might be good to apply for that and the FP&S grant for our needed IT upgrades for Fire Inspections and so on.

    Any good sources to find easy estimates to go digital e.g. tablets, wireless, scanners, program software, desktops, mobile mounts etc?

    Looking at 1 Station, 2 offices, 8 vehicles/mobile units?

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    Firehouse Subs is another good resource. FM Global will usually give about 1k-5k. After awarded the first time, I think you have to wait 2yrs before reapplying. Jeff
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    Average I've seen is $4k per vehicle as a turnkey solution to get the ruggedized laptops or tablets, commo tie-in, apps, etc, so that part will float around $40k. Desktops are $500 each including monitors, after all you're not editing videos or playing 3D games so no sense in spending more than $300 a desktop which will get you 4GB RAM and a 500GB HD or better. Monitors go on sale all the time for around $100. Last 4 desktops I bought for the office were all $300 or less, 1 going on it's 5th year with no issues. $1000 desktops wear out just as fast as the $300 ones. Usually you can get one of the retailers to donate an open box, display, or returned unit with a clean uniform and a nice letter that's hand-delivered.

    FM Global doesn't venture more than a couple thousand per award on average and the main input is through their agents so submit and then contact the local agent for the area to help the cause. If they don't cover much in your area then check out the other insurance companies. AllState, Erie, Progressive, Farmers, and the rest all have programs too. Same M.O., all lower dollar awards but some money beats no money.

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