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    Default Fire academy questions

    Hey yall
    So im 100% sure that i want to become a fire fighter but im curious about fire academy, when do you sign up to do it? should it be done before you apply to departments or should i wait till ive tested and interviewed? as you can tell im pretty new to finding out the process of becoming a firefighter. thanks!

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    Default I'm in no place to give advice but

    It depends if on the size of your dept., whether it's county or city. I'm looking to apply in the next 2 years, by then I will have done 2 academies. It's extra training so why not?

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    This all depends on what you want. Some bigger city departments don't require any experience and will put you through an academy, however, it's very competitive. Many volunteer departments will pay for you to get all of your certs in return for your time commitment. And many community colleges have fire academies that you can pay to be part of and receive your certs. There's a lot of options. I would suggest volunteering and applying to any departments that don't require any certs until you get some experience.

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    Kind of depends on the area you live in. If you are living on the west coast and looking to get into a full-time department its almost like you have to have completed an academy, got your EMT, maybe P-card, and had at least a bachelors degree. Kind of intimidating but at the same time, realistic.

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    It depends on the state and area that you're in. For example, to take most fire service training in Virginia, you have to affiliated with a fire service agency first, and most career departments will put you through their own academy, no matter how much previous training or academies you've attended. This time in the academy is paid for by the career department, but isn't if you're a volunteer.

    Conversely, there are other states where academy graduation is required before you even apply, and you're paying for that out of your own pocket.

    You should see if you can find a couple of local firefighters to talk to and found out the usual process in your neck of the woods.
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