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Thread: Ambulance company opinions

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    Default Ambulance company opinions

    My dept. Is in the process of buying a new ambulance. Was looking for and do's or donts been a while since we've been through this. We are a small rural dept.

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    What KIND of a dept are you? Fire and EMS, or strictly EMS? What will it carry equipment wise? What's your budget? You need to give a better description of your specs if you want to get good info. Otherwise, you might as well be asking for advise on buying a spaceship.

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    BLS or ALS
    type 1,2 or 3
    where are you located? deep south or up north in snow country?
    Call volume?

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    I don't case what type of dept you have or where you are, I'm not going to tell you what to spec. As far as opinions on ambulance builders, I can only cay I'm not impressed with the ones we've been buying for years: AEV. I've heard mostly all good about PL Custom, but I know they're pricy.

    I offer this in that nearly every ambulance company can make a bus that'll work no matter where you are, but the quality, pricing and service are the bigger issues when deciding who.
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    Actually: when we went out to bid 4 years ago PL Custom came in as low bidder based on a generic spec for an ,ALS type III E-450 chassis with stand up height interior, Knox NARC vault and quite a few really nice options. As far as safety they have an incredible body frame and compartment doors that close like a bank vault.

    They were lower priced than braun, Horton Osage and Demer's.

    Outstanding quality , best in the business warrantee's and great dealer & factory support for service.

    Had our AC in the box go out , called Ron and two hours later the service tech was in our station with the job completed in under an hour.

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