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    Default Greetings From Virginia!

    Hello everyone, my name is Ben and I'm a 19 year old college student. To be honest I currently have no affiliations with any fire departments. However, its been a huge dream of mine for some while. I am currently attending a community college here in Virginia studying criminal justice. I thought it would be important to obtain a college degree to increase my chances of being hired at a fire department. I chose criminal justice because it is another subject that I'm interested in and gives me a fall back plan if it is impossible for me to join a fire department; a degree in fire science seemed too specific. My ultimate goal in life is to save up the money and build up the courage to move to New York City. I would love to work for the FDNY and I think about it all the time (and that's no exaggeration)! I know it is extremely difficult to both move and afford to live to NYC and become a fireman there but i believe if I want it bad enough and show it, then I could do it. So basically I've joined this site to get help from the firefighter community. Hearing your stories and tips and such would really be of help to me! I have big dreams, but I also have a big heart, huge dedication, and I'm as about as resilient as they come, but any helpful criticism and words of encouragement would make me feel like this dream is that much more plausible. Thanks guys!

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    Welcome. Where in Virginia? If you have plans and hopes to get on with the FDNY, you need to start looking for a place to live to get your residency requirement situated. Getting hired by the FDNY isn't an easy task. You must achieve the highest testing score that you can do, meaning no questions on the exam should be missed or only a very few to be a contender. Check with the requirements needed to have just to apply before you made your move.


    There are other cities and or county fire department that are also taking applications and you might have a chance of being hired.

    Having an degree is good but it doesn't carry a lot of weight in the hiring process, but it does show the folks that you have an interest in extending your education.

    Good luck.
    Stay Safe and Well Out There....

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