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    I take it in 1 week I'm from Florida and I was wondering if the test was hard or not.. And what to expect

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    My FF1 mid term in NJ was well, hard. Its going to be. Fighting fire isnt easy. However, knowing the physical requirements like, "oh hey, I need to get this line up to the 2nd story" or knowing what side you are on when calling out a victim to your instructors will make it easier. Knowing the content is the best. Study your tools, study the best ways to advance hoses and search methods. I am pretty sure search and rescue and advancement are the primary things being tested, correct? Not to mention make sure you have your drills good.30 second drills, 60 second drills, 2 minute drills. You should be fine. I mean of course you will be hurting after the weekend is over, youll be good Nicky. PM me for other advice if needed. I love helping

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