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Thread: Common Oral Board Questions

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    Default Common Oral Board Questions

    Hey wanted to ask everyone to post questions that you've been asked on oral boards. I'm compiling a list of common questions and then perfecting my responses to them to prepare for current and future examinations. Please DO NOT post the departments that administered certain questions or any processes you are currently in. I'm sure that goes without saying but just in case don't wanna get any guys in trouble.

    I'll start.

    What does it mean to you to be dependable?

    As a new member of the fire department you are invited by senior members to a beach party. While at the party you observe senior members partying with under age teenagers staying at one of the neighboring cabins. Alcohol is involved. How do you proceed?

    What characteristics make up a good firefighter?

    You witness a coworker get something out of a locker that does not belong to him. What do you do?

    How do you make decisions?

    What would make you a good addition to this department?

    If anyone wants the completed list when I'm done let me know.


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    I have answered these exact, or very similar, questions in my book Smoke Your Firefighter Interview. I think you would find it very helpful. I also have a very comprehensive list of free interview questions on my website. Good luck to you.
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