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Thread: Feedback From New ISO Grading Schedule FD Surveys?

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    Default Feedback From New ISO Grading Schedule FD Surveys?

    Has anyone experienced a hit in your FD ISO rating using the new revised ISO grading schedule? Has anyone actually improved and if so, how? My old outfit is facing an up and coming survey and they think they can improve their ISO rating with just an improvement in record keeping....with no fiscal impact. I am not sure.

    My very limited understanding of the new ISO grading schedule was described to me from an expert as "A Whole New Ballgame." Does the ISO now deduct net staffing based on embedded EMS response numbers? Does all record keeping go back 5 years? Does fire department provided LDH water supply help?

    Are monthly School Fire Drills now required for maximum credit? Annual commercial building inspections? Can you substitute for drought or air pollution fire drill restrictions? Can you substitute night drills? So many questions and I do not know the answers. Millions of $bucks$ are at risk here in insurance rates. Thanks.

    HB of CJ (old coot) (retarded FF)
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    As an ISO consultant working all across this nation I can tell you that I have now seen both directions under the new FSRS (Fire Suppression Rating Schedule) I have witnessed departments that have improved and departments that have regressed.
    ISO and some fire folks are touting the new FSRS as a kindler gentler approach. I will not debate what I think about ISO, however, I will tell you some facts:
    1. ISO is a FOR PROFIT company
    2. The majority of ISO information is proprietary (Not available to fire departments)
    3. ISO announced 5.5 extra credit points (What they don’t tell you is the shift in points in the rating of 10 points from items that normally receive high credit to areas that normally receive lower credit.) Take Credit for Engine Company, CEC – Under the 1981 FSRS CEC was worth 10 points. Under the 2013 FSRS it is now only worth 6 points. Let’s say that in your last rating you received 7.6 points for CEC, or 76% of 10 points. If you have changed nothing the score will be 4.56 points, 76% of 6 points. A loss of 3.04 just because ISO changed point values.
    4. ISO has, and still does deduct one firefighter for every 2,000 EMS runs, or portion thereof (If you run on 3200 EMS runs you will lose 1.6 firefighters in staffing)
    5. Reserve apparatus – In the 1981 FSRS a department could receive credit for a reserve apparatus, even if they didn’t own one, up to 1 point credit. Under the 2013 FSRS this credit has now been reduced to .5 and you have to have an actual reserve apparatus. Doesn’t sound like much, but the two required reserves are now 1 point. Think about how you just barely were that Class 5….. Welcome Class 6.
    6. Records of three years are what normally are required by ISO (Training records are a one year look)
    7. All of the prevention, inspection and investigation items are extra credit and you do not lose credit of you do not perform these functions.

    I have debated writing in more detail on this site in order to assist departments with the new FSRS…. I may just start doing that.

    David Doudy
    ISO Slayer
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