In NYC every member is equipped with a gemtor harness, PSS and XL ladder carabiner on the waist. The XL carabiner is used for multiple things the main one being as a lowering device/rappelling. We only carry 150' of braided nylon rope to the roof. Granted every member is trained in the operation and is supposed to practice the evolution every Monday and Tuesday.

In my volunteer department, aside from all the technical rope equipment we have a bag of rope that's meant to be taken in the same manor, problem is nearly none of these guys is trained in using it and until I went through it, all that was in the bag was a rope with no hardware whatsoever.

I kind of tasked myself with trying to teach the simplest method of giving these guys a bare minimum method of getting a quick roof operation done. Every member has a harness but no means of lowering like FDNY does. I would have to pick the best option to put in the bag, right now it's a rescue 8.

Granted there is very few places ropes could have potential use in my home town, there no reason they shluldnt know the most basic operations.