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    Default question on getting hired

    So ive been wanting to join the fire department for a long time now. Its been a job i wanted to do sence my grandfather was a assistant chief so he had high influience on me joining. Problem is i have bipolar syndrom but i am medicated. So would that keep me out of the firedepartment like it does with the military,pilot,police etc. Thanks to anyone who can answer this

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    Tough one... If if keeps you from military and police it would more than likely disqualify you from a firefighter position. In indiana you have to pass a mental evaluation. In that they do ask if you have prior disorders and so forth. Plus it's an all day test, 900-1,000 some odd questions. Plus a meeting with a head doctor. It's a lot to go through.. I would call your local department and ask.. Be vague on how you ask it though.. If it doesn't disqualify you you don't want them to "know" who you are..

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