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    Default Charlotte Fire Dept. 2014 recruit process

    Better late than never for a thread devoted to the Charlotte '14 hiring process. Hopefully we can share information about previous hiring processes and what we learn from this one.

    Today I received my "Congratulations, you passed" email for the written exam. This is my first time testing on the East Coast, so I'm pretty excited. I looked at previous hiring processes, and "typically they hire two classes a year so figure on avg. 30-40 people a year get hired." Supposedly, between the two classes there's typically one in mid September and another in mid October. Someone please correct me if this doesn't sound accurate.

    Feel free to post about the current process or any relative info. I'm really curious to know how many applicants applied initially, along with how many are continuing to the CPAT.

    Best of Luck

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    Hey Mirth9 ....How was the written exam? Looking to take it next year.

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