We have been using an older version of Adashi Incident Management software for years, it is a stand alone version and very intuitive for the average firefighter to use. Problem, Adashi is no longer supporting this version, there are no new product updates. Problem solution, we used homeland security grant money to purchase the Adashi current version. Problem, the intuitiveness is gone, it integrates with CAD and AVL, both features our county does not support, long story short we returned the upgrades.

I recently did an online demo of PEAC, which will run just fine as a stand alone or will pull in additional functions and feature if we have an internet connection. Seems fairly intuitive with a bunch of new, useful features we would likely make use of.

My question is what are you using in your area? We are a rural county with little internet connections, what ever we use must stand up by itself without connectivity. I did a Google search and only come up with Adashi and PEAC, there must be other options out there.