I happened upon this, as it has been in the news quite a bit (atleast locally), and thought that I might as well post this here:


Anyway, the boy has leukemia and is big into fire, police, military, etc. His mother thought it would make his 7th birthday special by trying to get first responders to send cards to the son--His birthday is 6 March.

Based on the facebook I know this has gotten quite a bit of international response from first responders across the nation and even other parts of the globe, but I figured I would do my part and advertise it.

So if you can, think about perhaps sending a card to the son; for the $2 it costs to send the card, I am sure it would bring a lot of joy to be boy's face.

Heres the address: 96 South Main St., Pascoag, R.I. 02859.

( It's already been released on the news, so I don't think it would be too much of an issue to post it here.)

Even if you can't mail in a card, they have a facebook page going, so what lots of people are doing is posting their picture/department picture/rigs on there for him.



I hope this doesn't step on admin's toes for advertising, but I think this is a damn good cause to advertise!

Although I am sure the postman won't really agree after he's done!