I am looking for some assistance..

I have a Wirt & Knox hose cart that I intend on restoring. I have no idea who it originally belonged to or what year it is. I will tell you what I do know...

The fire company I received it from has had it sitting in front of their station for about the past 15-20 years, it was donated to them from a resident who got it from an industrial complex when they were cleaning it out. I do not know if it was original to the industrial complex or if it saw service in a fire company before that.

It is a Wirt & Knox based on pictures that I have compared it to online and also due to the hose reel itself marked as "WK 693". It has wooden spoke wheels and all the bolts & nuts are square head. Stamped into the wooden hubs are "822" and "36", however I could be wrong as they are hard to make out.

I am trying to determine the age of the cart. I believe it to be somewhere in the 1900 to 1920 era, however, this is just a guess from pictures of similar carts and due to the construction.

I have attached a couple pictures. I intend to starting to break the cart down to begin restoration efforts shortly.

If you can be any assistance please let me know.

Thank you,

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