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    Default Is There Armored Car Extrication Training Out There?

    Is There Armored Car Extrication Training Out There?

    I'd like to know if anyone knows of anybody or any company providing training of armored car rescue, patient care, and extrication procedures.
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    Ron Moore, Forum Moderator

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    Isn't the whole point of an armored car to prevent extrication? Assuming a situation in which the occupant is unable to help, the training you're asking about would basically be a course in safe cracking.

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    Here's a link to a small article where Orange City FD trained on an armoured vehicle.


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    Default Todd

    What do you want to know? Believe it or not, armored vehicles used for cash and valuables transportation are a lot easier to forcibly enter than you might imagine. Armored vehicles as designed for law enforcement use are a little harder, but not by much.

    A few years ago, I conducted a class regarding this issue for the LAX PD (Los Angeles Airport Police).

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