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Thread: Home Made Equipment - BiPod

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    Default Home Made Equipment - BiPod

    Last silly questions for awhile:
    Does anybody use an artificial high point for low angle rope rescues to keep there ropes from being dragged across the ground?
    Has anybody attemped to make a BIPOD or is there one available out there?
    Or has anybody tried to use an A frame ladder set up or something like a little giant ladder instead?

    It sounds silly but I don't have the needs, or funds, or space for a full blown arizona vortex or SMC terraadaptor.

    I need something for low angle rope ops. Why you say?
    The plan is to use a belay/main line system with a track line to haul victims up sandy sometimes steep cliff sides. In recent years we'd send down a team of guys on a stoke but now that numbers are dwindling we thought about using a track line, putting the stokes with it's bridal main and belay on a trolley and using that to help get the basket up faster and easier plus keep the lines from being dragged across the ground. The problem is the transition between the enchor point and the edge, which is there the artifical high point was needed, the bipod, or little giant ladder, or a-frame ladder set up, a ladder gin(?).

    In my head it works but then there's reality -

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    This is the way I tend to setup a trackline on a A frame. Then I just place the other lines below that, my safety I place on a 4:1 in order to keep the safety line as close to the ground as I can in order to not have a fall factor incase of the AHD failing.

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    There are a few ways out there to do it though so dont just take my thoughts on it.

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    Our SAR team (wilderness oriented) trains on using field made bipods. We utilize two trees cut to length, and lashed with 10m of 8mm cord. Takes a bit of time to find and prep the trees, but if you want something to train with, you can have a couple of trees prepped in your cache.

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    How critical is the AHD for a low angle raise? Rollers on the ground work really well.

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    The other thing I'd note is that a little bit of dirt isn't that big a deal
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    Agree with MTN. In my LARRO class we never used an AHD in fact we did not even use rollers, just a tarp on the ground.
    Besides, the setup by the OP would be very time consuming.

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