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    Default A New "VOLT" Wearing a Cadillac Nameplate

    General Motors(GM) now has a 2014 vehicle for sale known as the Cadillac ELR. It is a new model and has the ELR badging clearly displayed on the rear of the trunk lid. What is important for responders to be aware of is that this Cadillac is actually an extended range plug-in electric vehicle; essentially a VOLT in Cadillac cover. It does not have any exterior badging informing responders that it is in fact an electric plug-in vehicle.

    The Cadillac ELR uses the same electric plug-in system as the Chevy VOLT meaning it has a 360-volt lithium-ion battery running down its center tunnel. There is a gasoline-powered electric generator onboard just like the VOLT. All high-voltage cabling is orange. First Responder cut labels are provided on cables that we are to cut if we need to shut down the 12-volt electrical system.

    In the trunk, the Cut Label is actually white but it uses the same red firefighter helmet icon so you'll know it's telling you that the battery cable to be cut is there.

    Images of this new Caddy detail the high-voltage system. Also, two images take a look under the hood of the VOLT followed by a look under the hood of the ELR.
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