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    Default HP 100 pump vs HP 200

    Any of you using HP 100's on your brush trucks? Most manufactures seem to want to sell the HP 200 series pumps. I think the higher psi on the HP 100's would work better on a grass truck giving you better reach.

    Anyone using a HP 100 or one of the higher pressure pumps from another manufacturer?

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    If you are working out of a small apparatus skid mount tank, (200 gal or less) and do NOT normally draft for replacement water, then the higher pressure HP-100 makes sense for long, small diameter lines.
    Draft filling of 500 gal tank would take about 4 minutes with the HP-100, but only 2 1/2 min. with the HP-200.
    Looking at the pressure side supplying 500 ft. of 1" forestry hose and a 3/8" nozzle the 30 gpm flow needs a pump pressure of 162 psi the HP-200 is maxed out on the performance curve, while the HP-100 isn't breaking a sweat.

    500 ft. of 1" forestry with a 1/2" nozzle ups the flow to 52 gpm at 50 psi NP and a required pump pressure of 388 psi. This is well beyond either of the pumps, however cutting back to 300 ft. of 1" will bring the HP-100 to the maximum at 230 psi and 50 gpm. The HP-200 can only develop 160 psi at 50 gpm. - not a good choice for this hose and nozzle arrangement. If we require 50 gpm, then the max 1" hose lay for the HP-200 is going to be 150 ft.

    Switching to a fog nozzle at 100 psi and still using 1" forestry hose...
    10 gpm the HP-100 can push 290 psi or 7,600 ft.
    20 gpm the HP-100 can push 285 psi or 1,800 ft.
    30 gpm the HP-100 can push 270 psi or 700 ft.
    50 gpm the HP-100 can push 230 psi or 200 ft.
    comparing the HP-200 under the same conditions:
    10 gpm the HP-200 can push 167 psi or 2,600 ft.
    20 gpm the HP-200 can push 165 psi or 650 ft.
    30 gpm the HP-200 can push 160 psi or 250 ft.
    50 gpm the HP-200 can push 155 psi or 88 ft.

    increasing the hose diameter makes a big difference in the friction loss, but makes the hose harder to drag in brush conditions. If you are looking for fire flows above 50 gpm, then larger hose and the HP-200 makes more sense.
    100 gpm fog the HP-100 can supply 150 psi or 200 ft. of 1 1/2" hose
    At 150 gpm the HP-100 can only reach 60 psi, so the pump won't work for this.
    100 gpm fog the HP-200 can supply 130 psi or 150 ft of 1 1/2" hose
    at 150 gpm fog the HP-200 can supply 100 psi, so this will not work properly either.

    The HP-200 begins to show its advantage at flows above 100 gpm using 1 3/4" hose and a solid bore nozzle of 3/4" and slightly larger. Supplying pressures of 115 psi at 120 gpm allows for 300 ft. of 1 3/4" hose or 100 psi at 150 gpm allows a lay of 150 ft. of 1 3/4" hose. This is more like supplying a structure fire line that for grass and brush. Large flows mean short operating time from small tanks.
    Mitchkrat, you can do the same thing I did by going to Hale's web site and down loading the curves from the published data.
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    I think we'll go with the HP-100.

    We are on the prairies of Kansas and get into wind driven fast moving grass fires in 4 foot Bluestem grass. We don't carry suction hose to refill with and haven't used our 1 1/2" pre-connects in 20 years. We wither used the 1" booster line (200') or 2 short 1" whip lines or the front remote controlled nozzle. I'm just looking for something to give me more reach - curious if others use this pump? I know there used to be something with ISO that you could count as a quick attack if the truck had 250 gallons of water and 250 gpm pump which may be the reason the HP-200 is the standard, but it just doesn't seem to make sense for our application.

    Thanks for the reply!

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