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    Default Mounting a Little Giant Ladder

    Hey Folks,

    I searched the forums and found a few items of interest regarding mounting a Little Giant ladder on our aerial apparatus, but not quite what I was looking for.

    I need to mount our little giant on the exterior, horizontally and on its rail, similar to a 'typically mounted' ground ladder on the side body of an engine. I'm wondering if anyone has mounted theirs in this way, and what sort of brackets/retainers they've used. I'm looking for something commercially available, so I don't have to reinvent the wheel with a custom bracket, but I'd love to hear about how you managed your custom setup too, if you have one. I'm aware of the mounting set from Zico/Ziamatic:


    This could work, but I'm interested in seeing other options. Unfortunately, we don't have room for it anywhere internally. Pictures would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for any input you can provide.


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    Sorry, can't help. Our Little Giant is in a compartment on our engine. The ladder truck doesn't carry one.
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    Do you need to have it stored on its side? Just asking since we don't know what kind of apparatus you are running or what kind of space you have available. Also, are you going to use it for rapid response such as getting over a privacy fence or will it be used more for investigation work to access areas where a traditional ladder would not be as effective? Reason I ask is because that may affect how you want to mount the ladder.
    On both of our aerials (mid mounts) we store our Little Giants on top of the compartments laying flat. Both slide into a open tread plate box and are held in place with a PAC strap. On the 95' the ladder is somewhat awkward to access due to how you have to climb up there. On the 100' it is really easy to access due to the fact it's mounted just forward of the access steps for the platform.

    On two of our top mount engines they are mounted in a tread plate box on top of the cab. Easy for the operator to access and out of the way until you need them. This probably won't work for your application but it might work for someone else down the road.

    Hope this helps. Little Giants aren't NFPA rated to my knowledge but they sure are handy to have in the "toolbox".
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