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    Default recently promoted!

    Hey guys so I am a young man in a smaller volunteer department and was recently promoted to captain/training officer and so far I am doing well in the position or so I have been told lol, does anyone have any suggestions for a young officer who has senior firefighters and newer firefighters for training? It can get slightly intimidating at times. I have taken and been certified in one officer course so far, anyways thanks for any help!
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    Don't let it go to your head

    Seek out a mentor if you do not have one already

    Learn your job inside and out

    Seek out people in your dept that have skills they can teach to others and let them teach

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    Congratulations. As you know, or will find out, it can be a difficult job. I'll try to provide a couple things I've learned.

    1. Survey your department and see what they want training on. You will get more buy in if the training is something the firefighters see as relevant.
    2. I noticed you're from the north so this probably goes without saying but still. Have an alternate plan to fall back on in case the weather decides it hates you personally. Just something you can do in the station (such as apparatus/tool/SCBA/equipment familiarization or webcast) you can fall back on when the weather decides it doesn't want you outside training.
    3. Work with the other officers of the department and try to develop a training plan for the year. Also work with them to determine what their goals for training are. This will help to ensure you have their support.
    4. Don't try to do everything yourself. Delegate out what you can by determining what the training will be and then calling upon a member that is knowledgeable in the subject to instruct it.
    5. Regardless of what you do there are going to be people that don't like it.
    6. Decide right now if you are going to do what is right for the department or what your friends want to do. If it's the latter you are not the person for the job.
    7. Develop a plan for where you want the department to go. You have the opportunity to expose your members to new or different ways of doing things. Explain to them that if it works perhaps it is something the department want to look at further. Also explain that you think it is something worth considering and if it doesn't work you won't take it personally. This also applies to developing a apparatus driver program, pump operator program or just ensuring that training (FF1, FF2, Red Card, CEVO/EVOC, etc.) continues to occur on a regular basis.
    8. Continue to learn because no one can know everything. Also do not be afraid to say that you don't know but make sure you find out.
    9. Learn from the experience.

    Hope this helps. It's a role I had in the past for our 70 member combination department. If you have questions please PM me.

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