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Thread: ALS Non-Transport Rescue Squads

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    Default ALS Non-Transport Rescue Squads

    Hey guys,
    What is everyones opinion on ALS Non-Transport Rescue Squads? Good idea? Bad idea? Waste of money?
    Also, does anyone know of career fire departments that respond to medical calls with said rescue squads? I know LA county does, Wichita fire does, and I believe houston fire does too. Lakeland FD in florida does too. Any others besides these?

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    Cobb County, GA
    Austell, GA
    Smyrna, GA
    Marietta, GA
    Gainesville, FL
    Ocala, FL

    And I would think a bunch more places.

    Some places respond the rescues instead of the engine or truck to keep them in service. so I guess that would work out good. Where I work, if the call comes in as ALS or is upgraded and the engine or truck is not ALS then they send the rescue too. However most of the time they get cancelled because BLS will suffice.
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    If its staffed, a plausible idea. If it is for the engine crew to take instead of the pumper, stupid idea.
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    Hey thanks for the feedback guys. I appreciate it. Im trying to find a department that utilizes rescue squads for fire dept EMS purposes in the colorado/montana area. Anything helps.
    Thanks again.

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    Here in Fairfax VA the term "Rescue Squad" means a heavy rescue. What does it mean where you work?

    We're changing the staffing on all eight of our Rescue Squads to be ALS first response. Same for eight of our 14 truck companies. These units are already chasing the medic unit, but they're mostly BLS, and only run EMS if the engine is out on a call.

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