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    Default designs for brush truck pump panels

    Good Morning gentlemen

    I was hoping some of you could give me some good ideas and some user information on pump
    panels for brush trucks. we are currently using wildfires pump panel. but we wanted to design our own. we are incorporating a water level, psi gauge, hose reel switch, throttle, choke, cascade foam unit, volt meter and hr meter. then of course the relays and circuit breakers.
    I'll post some pics of what I've came up with today. Any ideas and input is greatly appreciated.....

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    Why redesign the wheel?
    Tell your vendor what you require & let their engineers bring you a design that they have to guarantee will work.
    Custom designing something as simple as a pump panel will more than double the cost of an already proven design.

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    What kind of pump panel are you talking about exactly? A rear mount on a skid unit? The layout of the pump will pretty much dictate the layout of the panel.

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