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    Default Moving to florida from illinois FF2/Medic

    Hey guys. Me and my wife will most likely be moving at the end of this year or begining of next to florida to be closer to family. I am a cert FF2 and Paramedic by the state of illinois. I was wondering what is the process to become a cert FF2/Medic in florida. Any information or help will be helpful.


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    Florida does not play with others

    Do a search with Florida

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    Call the state directly and ask the question


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    Agreed with fire49. You can talk to the the DOH about reciprocity with your paramedic. The state doesn't play well with Fire or EMS certifications. It looks like Illinois is not a Firefighter Pro Board state so that doesn't sound promising. What area are you looking to move to?

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    My name is Bill Hicks and I am in my 18th year in the fire service, and currently serve as a fire chief. I am also a doctoral candidate at Eastern Kentucky University and my dissertation topic involves investigating the current status of firefighter reciprocity among the 50 states. I am seeking members of the fire service who may have experience in moving from state to state and seeking reciprocity, or recognition of certification issued by your old state, in a new state. Also, if you came from the military and sought reciprocity for DOD certificates, I would like to hear from you as well. If you have not experienced this, please forward the link below to anyone who you may know that has done this.

    For those that have such experiences, I am humbly asking you to give 5 minutes of your time to answer a short series of question found at the link below on your experiences with seeking reciprocity, or recognition when you moved from one state to another, regardless of being paid or volunteer members in your department.

    Also at the end of the survey you will have a space to share any experiences you may have had when dealing with reciprocity of fire service certifications in your department and with your state. Also feel free to forward this to any fire service member(s) who you feel would have something to say on the topic.

    Your anonymity is protected throughout the process. Just click or copy the link below to begin.


    Also, if you would like to share your experiences with me in more depth after taking part in the survey, please leave your email in the beginning of the comments section at the end of the survey.

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