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    Default LDH intake on the drivers side? NFPA standard?

    Hello brothers,

    We are just finishing up specing out a new engine tanker with a low hose bed. We hired a private firm to do some of the legal work as well as the actual spec writing. One of the spec writers is stating that it is now a NFPA requirement that you can't have a LDH intake on the drivers/ pump operators panel. He is saying nothing larger than a 2 1/2 can be taken in on the drivers pump panel. I see his point on the possibility of injury of the line breaks but I cant find anything in writing on it. Due to him saying that we piped a LDH intake/suction to the rear of the truck. Our guys want the side LDH intake but would like the truck to meet NFPA requirements. Has anybody had to deal with this recently?

    Thanks for the help

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    You can't have a discharge larger than 2.5" on the pump operator's panel, not an intake.

    NFPA 1901 Section

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