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    Default Looking for IFSAC Marine firefighting course

    I am a firefighter in Texas looking to take a course in marine firefighting that will qualify for an IFSAC to state certification. According to the state website we only have 3 qualified marine training facilities in the whole state, but 2 of them are with fire departments that don't train outsiders, and the other is TEEX, who will tell you their course is not enough for IFSAC certification (only 40 hours, 90 required). I always like to train so I know I would like the class and I'm willing to travel within the US to take it. I'm mainly taking it to boost my resume, and I'm sure there are others looking for that too.

    The only one I've found is in north Carolina, and they say they are accredited by IFSAC, but I also don't know if they are still doing it or if I just have to wait until febuary http://www.ncmarinefire.org/marine-f...efighters.html

    Does anyone know of any other schools closer to Texas or at least have their next class scheduled online? Thanks

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    Just wonder what you are going to do with it once you get it?

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    Are you looking for tx certification or ifsac

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    Marine Fire Fighter I - Mobile AL, all of AFC's classes are now IFSAC & ProBoard. http://www.alabamafirecollege.org/to...e-fire-fighter

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    Once a year in Va they have a marine firefighter class in Norfolk Va. It is proboard coming up pretty soon in May.

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