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    Question What is a paramedic firefighter making these days?


    I've been googling my a** off trying to find answers to this but everything is so all-over-the-place. I've had several results come up from firehouse and a lot of you seem pretty knowledgeable and willing to help (and are obviously the guys i need to be talking to for this)!

    I haven't had much time to sift through your forums in detail yet since there's so much in here, but I figured step one should be introduce myself and ask for at least a point in the right direction...

    So my best friend who I grew up through highschool with is currently on his way to become a FF/PM. He got his EMT cert., graduated fire academy 1, 2, & 3, and is currently getting his paramedic cert., and finishing up his associates in science. Everything he has told me about his training and schooling sounds very interesting and exciting, as does being a FF/PM.

    So my question is:

    What does a FF/PM typically make these days? I know its a broad question b/c pay is different with every dept., but everything that anybody can tell me would be greatly appreciated.

    Please include all the info you can as far as location(s), contract info, starting base pay, pay increases, OT, benefits, kelly days, retirement deals, etc.

    I grew up in southwest FL and I love FL and would be very pleased to be able to work and reside in most places in florida.

    I'm currently living in Columbia, SC and I like it here too, plus I have family here, so any info anyone can give me in regards to being a FF/PM in FL or SC would also be very appreciated, but honestly, I'll go just about anywhere after the Navy if it means I can get paid well to do something I can enjoy!

    Thank you in advance for taking your time to read my lengthy post! If you want/need me to answer any questions about myself, my goals, etc., I'm happy to elaborate!


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    Quote Originally Posted by chase1chase1 View Post
    Please include all the info you can as far as location(s), contract info, starting base pay, pay increases, OT, benefits, kelly days, retirement deals, etc.
    1. Central Virginia.

    2. Right-to-work state: no contracts.

    3. Staring base pay: $44,000
    3a. EMT-Intermediate gets a 9.4% pay increase once precepting is complete.
    3b. EMT-Paradmedic gets a 14.8% pay increase once precepting is complete.

    4. Eligible to make up to 25% of your salary in OT per year.

    5. HR Benefits include 12 hours sick leave per month (no cap on sick leave accrual), 20.24 hours per month of annual leave during your first five years of employment (your annual leave accrual rate goes up for each 5 years of service), 24 hours bereavement leave, 728 hours of FMLA.

    6. No Kelly days - we automatically get paid 9 hours OT on two out of every three paychecks.

    7. Non-reduced eligibility for retirement at 25 years of service AND 50 years of age with additional retirement supplements for 20 years or more of hazardous duty service. You're able to buy back years of service in the retirement system if you want for prior eligible service, such as military time.

    8. Additional: ALS providers (either medics or intermediates) typically ride the ambulance every third or fourth day of work.
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    Lexington county sc right by you starts at about $42-$43k. They work a pretty sweet shift schedule also. Four 12s one week and three the next.

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    Colorado: High 70's. Lots of overtime potential.

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