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    Default Advice Wanted...Needed

    So I scored fairly high on a recent FD test. I am unsure of my position on the list as that has not come out yet however after speaking to a few guys I know on this department, they believe I will be quite high on the list. So, the question I have is I was on a full time FD for a short period of time (less than 2 years) I resigned (mutual between me and the FD) however I have a nagging feeling that it looks bad. How do I explain this and swing it in the correct way for me? There is nothing bad that happened just had to resigned due to issues with a commanding officer that could not fall under harassment (asked my union and personal lawyer). Like I said, I have the feeling they will look at my application and resume and make a decision before I even get a call for an interview. I have gone over this in my head many times on how to explain this to them. Any suggestions? Anyone?

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    We'll depend on why you resigned, yes you kind of posted why

    But the truth will come out

    So you need to explain it like it happened.

    Will any higher ups in that dept give you letters of recommendations to give to the new dept??

    Best thing to do is practice in front of someone that will give you feed back

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    You had problems with your commanding officer in a paramilitary organization. You elected to resign and leave the fire service altogether. And you're concerned that this may hurt your future chances to get hired?
    The attorney you consulted told you that you did not have a case.......
    I think you have a valid concern......
    Paul Lepore
    Division Chief

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    Fire49, yes I spoke with a few different lieutenants and one different captain who said they would be more than willing to do that. I hope the truth does come out because that would help me considerably.

    Paul, yes I chose to resign because it was the better choice in this case. You can tout that it's a "paramilitary" organization and yes to a point it is however even in the military, commanding officers can cross lines and become offensive. It happens. I know that word gets around and playing the game a telephone is dangerous because the truth rarely gets out. I wanted advice on how to handle such a situation.

    And as for what the legal advice said, I had a case but with discussion do you think anyone would want that hanging over their heads? I wouldn't.

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