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    Default Should I choose a Minitor, or a Alphanumeric Pager?

    I am a junior at my local fire company. I feel so lucky because our county has a great 911 system and issues Minitor and alphanumeric pagers to all firefighters in our county. Since I am just a junior, I only get one pager. Once I become a senior member, then I can get a second pager. It is also great because our company lets each junior pick weather he wants a Minitor now and then to get a alphanumeric later, or if he wants a alphanumeric pager now and then get his Minitor once he becomes a senior member. Which should I choose. What is the difference and what is everyone's overall preference for both?

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    I personally would prefer the Minitor (stored voice) if not stored voice get the alphanumeric

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