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Thread: Zip-up/slip-on wildland boots?

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    Default Zip-up/slip-on wildland boots?

    Anyone know of any zip-up wildland 8 inch boot. We have typically used our structural leather boots for wildland responce but am interested in seeing whats an easy to get on wildland boot, perhaps one that zips or even slips on. Suggestions?

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    Zip up boots are not used around here because of the potential for injury. Metal zip ups can potentially become hot and burn you. Plastic ones can melt and cause burns. I doubt you will find slip on boots. Those are made for around the station. I would just suggest some good lace up wildland boots.
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    Don't know where you are or what agency, but they usually need to be 10" NFPA approved boots.. You could try the La Sportiva Mountaineering boots but I wouldn't recommend it.
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    Very little ankle support with zip up boots so you won't find much out there marketed towards wildland. You can find leather zip up station boots that can meet the spec (leather, 8" tall, lug sole), but they won't be good for much beyond small grass / vacant lot fires.

    One of the lightweight wildland boots like the La Sportiva Glacier or Lowa Scarpa could work for you. They are lace up but not much more to put on / off than a tennis shoe. They do a decent job for mild to moderate wildfire use. I wouldn't recommend them for a handcrew, or work in big timber, but they are fine for engine work in grass and brush. I have a pair of the Glaciers I use in the winter when we are doing prescribed burns and piles.
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    My issue with La Sportiva's is that if you get them wet, they will not dry as quick as good ol' leather boots. Also the structural integrity is not as good as say a pair of White's. Just my opinion, I know guys who love wearing them but they are not for me personally.

    Example: we were hiked into this fire in a remote area and crossed several streams waist deep. Over night my leather White's were damn hear dry, however, people with the Sportiva's were still plenty wet.

    ALSO, don't count on every captain or supervisor allowing you to wear Sportiva's. Some will let you others will not, it just depends on the forest and more specifically your district supervisor. So if you plan on moving around a lot in your career keep that in mind.

    Just my two cents, stick with whatever works for you.
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