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    Default Online software for Vehicle Checklist?

    I am looking to bring my volunteer EMS department out of the stone age. We've already gone to e-scheduling, in the process of moving to ePCR. I am looking for a system to handle our vehicle check out sheets, done at the beginning of every shift. We currently use a 4 page paper checklist, which brings up obvious "green" and storage issues.

    I also work for a large, urban, hospital based EMS system. There, we use a Microsoft Business Server tool for our vehicle checklists, as well as all documents, incident reporting, etc. I am assuming this system is expensive and probably too much for what we need.

    Looking for any other ideas for what to use to accomplish this task.

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    Cut down on the checklist

    Sounds like you need to create your own excel or something

    What is your thinking

    They check the vehicle with no list than go to the compute and input

    Or have a few iPads? To carry while check out is done

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    I got a lot of mixed feedback on the "e-checkout" from my people. Some say go for it, others say paper is just so much easier.

    I started working on a Google Form, which takes all the responses and dumps them into a spreadsheet. It looks nice and is user friendly. Compatible across many devices...works great from smartphone. We have a bunch of Toughbooks that we got from a grant years ago, so that would work for those without smartphones. Only problem is that they're pretty old (still running xp) and would probably require a good update.

    Looking for any other ideas besides Google Form before I go all in on this.

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