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    Alright so I'm starting level 2 fire school in June and wanted to know what to do to get Into shape I already work out 3 times a week but wanted to know if there's anything I can do to help get ready for fire school thanks

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    Work out daily, 3 days in a week is not enough, if you work hard then only you can achieve something in your life. There is one saying "Hard work never fails"

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    a lot of departments around me are incorporating a lot of crossfit type workouts in their recruit schools. They do a lot of varied workouts to improve on overall strength and stamina. Try not to get stuck on the same routine all the time. Bench press, squats, etc. Try to get as much variation in you can in your workout routine. (That also helps break up the monotony so working out everyday becomes easier). Cardio wise. sprints, stairs, jumprope, and row machine are my favorite. Tire flipping, chopping wood, body weight exercises. There are tons of things to do just get creative and keep pushing!

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