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Thread: Aerial ladder tip loads ... Purchasing a new 100 foot rearmount.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HBofCJ View Post
    Again, respectfully, nobody yet has answered or addressed the POSSIBILITY of auto aid plans negating the need for any owned ladder truck, regardless as to how it may or may not be specified? Do you have auto aid? Has anybody researched existing auto aid agreements or perhaps outlined future automatic aid plans? Do you need that ladder?
    ISO was discussed, possibly just not to your satisfaction? Their rules on automatic aid require numerous other points be addressed: drills with aid companies (always a good idea), tracking how often the mutual aid piece is available in it's own community (threatens to reduce credit to the actual owner FD) and what you consider a first alarm (all fires within a building-oil burners, chimney fires, appliances, etc). Finding the true cost of reducing your ISO rating proves difficult as few insurance companies seperate fire from all other coverages, instead "packaging them together".

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    We also use a 100. Didn't realize it wasn't a common commodity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tegan_mckeller View Post
    We also use a 100. Didn't realize it wasn't a common commodity.
    They are common actually...
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    As stated earlier, a 250 lb tip load is going to be restrictive when your primary use is reach and not height. On a 100' device if you have to run full or close to full extension for single dwelling roof work you'll be very glad for the stabilization a 4 jack system will provide. If you're going up for rescue work to a sixth story then it doesn't matter as much. Which begs the question: which is more common for you?

    Since I work for a dealer of a major manufacturer now I'll stay out of the discussion about brand, though if you want opinions you can PM me...
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