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    Default Getting out of the Marines and looking at Philly FD

    Does anyone know when the next test is for Philly

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    No but you should not limit yourself to one dept or you may never get hired

    Test everywhere and often

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    Native philidiphian????

    Each non-resident(in the City of Philadelphia) hired for the position of Firefighter is required to establish residency within the City of Philadelphia no later than six (6) months after promotion to Fire Fighter. Those appointed to the position of Fire Fighter shall be establish his or her own bona fide residence in the City within six months of his or her appointment.

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    Last test was Nov 2013, next test should be about the same time 2015.

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    The test is a little silky.. A personality exam pretty much.. If you live in PA try and get either firefighter 1 and/or EMT.. You get extra points.. They also do vets points.

    When I went through the process in 2012 they have ALL vets hiring preference first..

    Don't let yourself get fat after you get out.. I gained weight once I got out of the army, but the medical portion has a straight height/ weight ratio similar to the military.. However if you fail, there's no tape test or anything.. So try to keep in the lighter side..

    All in all.. It's a busy department, big city.. I would've loved to work there..

    Good luck and thanks for your service.

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    you can sign up on the pfd website to be notified when they accept applications again.

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